Me at 14; For My Future Self

I think documenting information, thoughts, experiences and ideas is the sole purpose of a blog. It’s the reason I started mine. I have so many thoughts circling my brain and putting whatever that is into writing can be very therapeutic.

The ‘Me at’ documentation concept was created by Will Derbyshire. I wanted to create my own, because in the same way that I enjoy reading through my old childhood diaries, I wanted a piece of writing to look back on when I’m older again. After all, isn’t that why we take photos or tell stories? Because a moment isn’t lost until the memory is forgotten.

So here’s me at fourteen:

Emma, right now you have long curly brown hair. It’s a rich hazel colour. You like it but your thinking of doing something new. Your eyebrows are a lot darker and fuller than they used to be; which right now is a plus. Your skin in the same tanned colour it’s been since when you were little and spent weeks in Samoa and Fiji basking in the sun. But your face gets upset if you don’t take care of it or each too much chocolate. So cleanse, tone, moisturise, repeat.

You’ve started to express your individuality a bit more with what you wear. You like things that have colour. And you try to avoid the items that ‘everyone’ already has. You’ve definitely taken on the concept that a difference amongst the norm is what moves people. But you’ve noticed that EVERYTHING you wear is paired with something denim. Do you still do that now?

Your room is a sanctuary of STUFF. You have this cascading plant that hangs from the ceiling which is growing nicely along with this mini palm tree and some other pot plants. I absolutely don’t know the name for ANY of these plants. I hope you will now! The walls are still that bright orange Dad picked out. You don’t really hate it anymore. In fact it’s quite nice with all the flowers you have stuck on it. We like to burn vanilla candles and our wee bookcase is growing fast. You could call it our own little library.

Your half way through your first year at high school and you’ve just moved to a new college. Was the move worthwhile? Did everything turn out well? Who did you meet? Are you at university now? Or have we had a change of heart and gone somewhere else?

You play netball and volleyball which are great. Do you still play now?

I taught myself Clair de Lune on the piano today. Can you play it with your eyes closed now? And what did you do with the ukulele Millie gave you?

Your friend group are a beautiful bunch of people. Millie, Rosa, Mia, Maia, Ruby, Carys, Gloria and so many more. You’ve lost and gained friends this year. Which is sad, but sometimes things just don’t work out. You’ve learnt to accept that. And your family couldn’t be more loving and supportive.

You like to take photos on your iPad and have just started up this blog. You hit five followers yesterday, which is a good start. We read books, watch Netflix and waste precious time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. You have Billie Eilish’s songs constantly on repeat.

Your observant but not unnoticed. Quite but confident. And you think a lot about stuff.

Is this how you remember yourself?

– from Emma at 14.

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