Dying my hair for the first time! (Balayage/Ombre)

A couple weeks ago I was looking at my hair and decided I wanted a change. As I have NEVER got my hair dyed before this was definitley something completely new and exciting for me. After scrolling through loads of hairstyles on the internet I came accros balayage (which is the same as ombre) on dark brown hair. As I didn’t want anything to drastic in terms of a new hair colour, I decided this was the perfect option for me.

Because my hair is so dark my hairstylist used a kind of bleach to lighten the bottom of my hair. I asked her specifically not to dye the top of my hair as I wanted my hair to still remian it’s natural colour at the top. After two hours in the salon I was super excited to see the finished look.
I was really happy with the golden-caramel colour in which my hair faded into, I think it looks age appropriate as I’m still only fourteen while it definitley adds definiton to my hair.

I wanted to share this post incase any other girls like I was are searching through the internet for new hair look inspiration.

Thanks for reading!

-Emma x

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