Beating your battle with SELF LOVE – 3 Tips to help you love yourself!

Hello everyone! Wherever you are in the world, good morning, good afternoon or good evening. And If your new welcome to my blog!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I believe we all struggle with: Self Love. I think the way in which social media influences us to idealise our body’s can be harmful for our mind and soul. If we are never truely happy with how we look, how can we expect to reflect positive energy? Learning to love oneself is possibly one of the most difficult and yet important qualities a human can attain. Imagine a world where stereotyping wasn’t an issue? Or it was all about what was on the inside instead of the outside? I’m far from perfect, but I’ve learnt a few things which have helped me to love myself, and here they are:
1. Believe you’ve already got it.
If you not farmiliar with THE LAW OF ATTRACTION the concept put simply is if you believe you already have the things you want in life, they will come to you. However this doesn’t mean if you believe you’ve got pizza then it will show up at your doorstep, it means if you truley and sincerly believe you are a confident person or that you can run a marathon or you have finacial abundance, you will treat yourself with the mindset that you are already perfectly whole. Remember, nothing else is meant to ‘complete you’, but simply to complement.

2. Practice good self-care.
Exercise and a healthy diet will help your brain to function better and give you more energy. But selfcare can be as easy as taking a bath, or cleaning you fingernails. You will love yourself more when you take care of your basic needs.

3. Forgive yourself.
As imperfect humans, we often make mistakes. And that’s perfectly OK. What matters is that we accept and move on from that. Because, afterall, mistakes are a LEARNING OPPERTUNITY!
To Summarise:
1. Believe you’ve already got it! – fake it till you make it!
2. Practice good self-care. – present yourself in a way that makes you feel happy.
3. Forgive yourself!
understand that mistakes are what scuplt our soul and make us become more.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you can take away even one of these tips to apply into your everyday life.
If you have any tips to share on SELF LOVE tell me in the comments section below!


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  1. I like these tips because they have a different flare from the usual ones. To expand on believing you already have it, we can focus on those moments when we do feel self love or close to it, self like even, and be aware of what brings them, then immerse ourselves in those good feelings.

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    1. Wow you said it better than I did! Yes I totally agree, when we are at our most happiest we see more likely to love ourselves, therefore as you said we need to immerse ourselves in those good feelings. ☺️

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