How I take photos for Instagram on my Iphone

Is it just me, or whenever you look up ‘easy photograhy ideas’ the internet comes up with something super complicated that requires a high quality camera, lighting and costly editing software? I can’t remember the amount of times i’ve searched up ‘photography ideas’ and never found a photo I could realisticly replicate with my Ipad/Iphone.

Now in no way am I implying that i’ve got photogaphy all sorted or that these pictures are a piece of artwork. Today I simply want to share with you how I optimize the quality of photos taken with my Ipad or Iphone.

My Instagram is where I share all my photos. Here are some examples of the photo I have taken and edited with my Ipad/ Iphone. I will explain below each what I have done to them and how I took them.

1. Let flash be your friend.
Ever noticed how grainy and low-quality the photos are that you take at night-time? Use flash in dark lighting to enhance the detail of your photo.

2. Texture.
As you can see in the image below, the main focus of the photo is my hair. When my friend took this picture of me I was standing in the brightest part of my house against a white wall. This natural lighting helped to enhnace the texture of the curls in my hair.

3. Food Angles.
Taking photos of your food from above complements the set-up of your meal.

4. Use Natural Light For Selfies.

Sitting infront of a window where natural light is flooding in will intensify the ‘glow’ of your skin in a selfie.
5. Experiment with lights and shadows.
Use lights and shadows to your advantage by taking your photo so that the main feature is in the light and the less important feature/s are in the shadows.

6. BLUR.

To capture the look of something in motion gently shake the camera while taking the photo. I like taking photos like this because I think in someways it can capture the moment better than a still photo e.g. a photo of a person laughing is in motion.

7. Rule of thirds.

The Rule of Thirds is considered the golden rule of photography. It’s applied by aligning a subject with literal guidelines and their intersection points made into squares, to allow an image to flow from section to section and create energy and interest.

Lucky for you, your phone has an amazing grid tool that does this for you. All you need to do is turn on the “grid” setting in your phone’s settings for your camera. – Jordan Dyck


8. Lastly, get creative!
Search for photogenic places around your town, or even your house. Think about what you could wear or how you could pose to complement the mood of the photo.

I hope you enjoyed this post and can take away a few ideas.
Do you have any tips for taking Instagram pictures?
Tell me in the comments below!
Or follow me on Instagram so I can see you photos.

– Emma x

Social Media: @emzynelson



  1. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog as well as my instagram. I followed you on instagram because I do find your photos to be interesting and creative. Using an app to enhance your photos can work wonders too, as that’s what I do. I find sometimes I am photographing a beautiful sky or landscape, but the colors just look so dull on my phone. So I use an app to increase the contrast and saturation. I like the MIX app, it’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem. And thank you too for following me on Instagram and checking out my blog! I totally agree about editing apps. I find them really helpful to bring out the colours in, as you said, dull shots. I find VSCO cam works well for me. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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