my summer bucket list

Hello and welcome back to my blog,
here in New Zealand it’s the summer holidays for me so with 7 weeks of no school I decided I should probably make a bucket list of things I want to achieve this summer. Even if it’s winter where you live, i’m sure there will be something in this list that you want to do during your holiday break.

1. Watch the sunrise
2. Watch the sunset on a hill
3. Have a picnic
4. Go camping
5. Go hiking
6. Go on a roadtrip
7. Go berry picking
8. Do a large puzzle
9. Go to outdoor movies
10. Bake/ Find new recipes
11. Post more on my blog
12. Take more photos
13. Exercise more
15. Go to places I haven’t been to in my town
16. Go thrift shopping
17. Practice piano
18. Practice the ukelele
19. Read more books
20. Do yoga
21. Clean out my closet of clothes I don’t need
22. Make my own christmas cards
23. Actually buy some nice staionary for school
24. Learn to longboard
25. Sleep under the stars
26. Swim all the time – beach/ river

That’s all. Tell me about any goals you have for your christmas holidays in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

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