Hi I’m Emma and welcome to my blog! I’m 14 and have a passion for travel, wellbeing and of course writing. At first my blog was like a personal diary, but now it’s my little website on the internet where people like you can come and read. I post at least once a week and my latest content is listed below, so if you interested i’d love you to stick around.

Here are my most recent post’s:

The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur – Book Review

Summer Mood Board

Thirteen Colours Humans Can’t See

If We Were Having Coffee…

Favourite songs for October

Why I went Vegan

Poetry & Portraits

Book Review: If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

Sunflower field – a short poem by me

Easy Vegan Icecream Recipe

A Trip to Wellington, New Zealand

A Night in the French Riviera – a short story by me

Alliexpress $2.50 ‘Trendy’ Sunglasses Review

How I take photos for Insta on my Iphone

My Chill Music Playlist

Raw Vegan Caramel Slice Recipe

Sunset Photo Diary

Beating your battle with SELF LOVE – 3 Tips to help you love yourself!

I Went Vegan For One Week – what I ate, how I felt?

Travel tips to minimise stress.

Dying my hair for the first time! (Balayage/Ombre)

Me at 14; For My Future Self

Rupi Kaur writes my favourite Poetry🌸

Visiting Vienna, Austria.

Trip to Tatton Park, U.K.

Visiting Manchester, U.K.

Vegan, Refined Sugar-free Banana Bread

First Blog Post

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