Travel tips to minimise stress.

As travelling is one of my favourite things to do, I regularly find myself on a plane to my next destination. I think the best thing about travelling is you learn to see people and places in a new perspective. It's quite humbling to come to terms with the fact there is so much more [...]

Dying my hair for the first time! (Balayage/Ombre)

A couple weeks ago I was looking at my hair and decided I wanted a change. As I have NEVER got my hair dyed before this was definitley something completely new and exciting for me. After scrolling through loads of hairstyles on the internet I came accros balayage (which is the same as ombre) on [...]

Me at 14; For My Future Self

I think documenting information, thoughts, experiences and ideas is the sole purpose of a blog. It's the reason I started mine. I have so many thoughts circling my brain and putting whatever that is into writing can be very therapeutic. The 'Me at' documentation concept was created by Will Derbyshire. I wanted to create my [...]

The De-Stress Days

I think sometimes we all need a break. Getting caught up in what you want you achieve and how you intend in doing so can become a exhausting task. While we all love the feeling of getting something done, sometimes I believe we need to reflect before moving onto the next big thing. This doesn't [...]


I'm grinning because the computer i'm writing this on keeps glitching out which is a sure sign of: 'probably shouldn't post about this right now it could backfire' but here goes. I've had something on my mind for SO long now and I need to get it out. I started high school this year and [...]

Visiting Vienna, Austia.

About this time last year I was on the otherside of the world with my Grandparents in England, and Dad and I were planning on heading back to New Zealand. We'd organised to meet up with my sister and her partner in Vienna on the way home. The city was absolutley beautiful by the way, [...]