my favourite quotes

Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog. Today I was looking through my camera roll and found all of these quotes that I really liked but hadn't shared. I thought my blog would be the perfect place. 'For what it's worth: it's never to late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you [...]


Thirteen Colours Humans Can’t See

At school we had to write a 3-5 minute speech about any topic. I chose: Thirteen Colours Humans Can't See. I wanted to share my speech with my blog because it is a piece of writing I not only genuinely proud of, but I think it holds information that everyone should know. So what are [...]

Beating your battle with SELF LOVE – 3 Tips to help you love yourself!

Hello everyone! Wherever you are in the world, good morning, good afternoon or good evening. And If your new welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I believe we all struggle with: Self Love. I think the way in which social media influences us to idealise our body's [...]