Summer Mood Boardย 

We all know a photo tells 1000 words. So what better way to get inspired that to create your own mood board? Summer is right around the corner for me, so I thought I'd chose my favourite Summer Pinterest-images to share with my blog. ย Summer is easily my favourite season and I've already been at [...]


Poetry & Portraits

SPRING: The winter months make everything dead, naked trees, a lonely sea. An empty town, where are the people? Pale skin, icy breath, not enough jumpers to keep out the cold. In yellow dress of elegance, swooping over the fields in a dance. The meadows sing to life, a orchestra of bloom. I like the [...]

A trip to Wellington, New Zealand

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I have just got back from my trip to Wellington (Capital city of New Zealand). Today I'm sharing some photos from my trip and what I got up to: Thrift shopping, Eating out, Museum visits, family time and walks around the city. As I live in Nelson, [...]

How I take photos for Instagram on my Iphone

Is it just me, or whenever you look up 'easy photograhy ideas' the internet comes up with something super complicated that requires a high quality camera, lighting and costly editing software? I can't remember the amount of times i've searched up 'photography ideas' and never found a photo I could realisticly replicate with my Ipad/Iphone. [...]