Christmas Songs Playlist

Hello everybody, In true Christmas spirit and with only 8 days until Christmas Day, I thought why not share a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs? I can guarantee that at least some of these songs are not on your generic Christmas playlist and hopefully like me, these songs get you in the Christmas spirit. [...]


favourite songs atm

Hello everyone and welcome to or welcome back to my blog! I realised last night I had a lot of new favourite songs that I wanted to share with you. So here is my updated (November /early December) current favourite songs. Also, it's 15 days till Christmas, so... a christmas playlist should be up on [...]

Favourite songs for October

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I'd update you on songs i've been loving lately. I'm into a wide range of music, so I could only describe this playlist as MOOD. My current favourite songs for October are... Ravyn Lenae (feat. Appleby) - Free Room Elohim - The Wave Billie [...]

My Chill Music Playlist

Hello everybody! Wherever you are in the world, good-morning, good-afternoon or good-evening and welcome to my blog. Today I want to share my 'Chill Music Playlist' with you. These are all the songs I like to listen to when I want to relax. That could be on a cosy rainy day or on my walk [...]